Oh Boy! 2019

Hybrid film based on the dance piece of
Antonin Rioche

Synopsis : Based on the dance-piece "Oh Boy!" by Antonin Rioche "Loneliness. For some of you, the word may not be very familiar, but the feeling, though, you know it quite well."
Oh Boy! is a choreographic piece conceived and imagined by Antonin Rioche as a human drama, as modern as it is timeless. The only protagonist, the dancer Benjamin Behrends, is engaged in an intense and poetic experience about loneliness. The film is the result of an adaptation and collaboration with Hadi Moussally from h7o7, that reveals an intimate romance and reality about the loneliness, that we all know about.

Credits _____

Produced by
h7o7 & Antonin Rioche

Film Directed by
Hadi Moussally

DOP & Post-Production
Olivier Pagny

Based on the dance-piece
"Oh Boy!" by Antonin Rioche

Adaptation by
Antonin Rioche & Hadi Moussally

Antonin Rioche

Dancer & Voice
Benjamin Behrends

Sound Design
Niels Plotard

Fashion Stylist
Marie Scirocco

Hed Mayner & Sean Suen


h7o7 is a duo based on the crossed visions of Hadi Moussally and Olivier Pagny. From directing to post-production through production, h7o7 is fascinated by the image, both in its aesthetic dimension and in its semantic vision. Alternative, experimental and innovative, their projects are on the frontier of experimental, documentary and fashion, seeking to extract their deep meaning while emerging from the codes of the medium. The duo multiplies artistic collaborations in a permanent quest for creative sharing and accessibility to the greatest number.
The main objective of h7o7 is to enable the making and promotion of films and photos where they privileged the mixture of genres between experimental, documentary, fashion and fiction. This is where the «hybrid» vocation starts.
Since 2014, h7o7 created 8 awarded films and photos artistic projects. And in 2020, they received a more than 16 awards, 40 nominations and 130 festival selections.

h7o7 est un binôme basé sur les visions croisées de Hadi Moussally et Olivier Pagny. De la réalisation à la post-production en passant par la production, h7o7 est fasciné par l’image, tant dans sa dimension esthétique que dans sa vision sémantique. Alternatifs, expérimentaux et innovants, leurs projets se posent à la frontière de la mode, cherchant à en extraire le sens profond tout en se dégageant des codes du milieu. Le duo multiplie les collaborations artistiques dans une quête permanente de partage créatif et d’accessibilité au plus grand nombre.
L'objectif principal de h7o7 est de permettre la réalisation et la promotion de films et de photos où ils privilégient le mélange des genres entre l'expérimental, le documentaire, la mode et la fiction. C'est là que naît le terme "hybride".
Depuis 2014, h7o7 a réalisé 8 projets artistiques de films et photos primés. Et en 2020, ils ont déjà reçu plus de 16 prix, 40 nominations et 130 sélections dans des festivals internationaux.


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75004 Paris, France

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  • 04.12.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "International Encounter of Filmmakers - Esto Es Para Esto 2020" / Monterrey (Mexico)
  • 04.12.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2020" / Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • 02.12.2020"Oh Boy!" & "Ophelia" will be screened in "Bogotá Music Video Festival 2020" / Bogota (Colombia)
  • 01.12.2020"Bellydance Vogue" will be screened in "Knowbox Dance Film Festival 2020" / Cholula (Mexico)
  • 28.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "Moscow Shorts 2020" / Moscow (Russia)
  • 27.11.2020"Oh Boy!" will be screened in "Catania Fashion Film Festival 2020" / Catania (Italy)
  • 25.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "CinéFashion Film Awards 2020" / Los Angeles (USA)
  • 23.11.2020"Oh Boy!" will be screened in "Festival Constante 2020" / Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • 20.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival 2020" / New York (USA)
  • 20.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "International Art Film Festival 2020" / London (UK)
  • 19.11.2020Hadi Moussally will do a Zoom Panel for "DanceXchange" in partnership with"Flatpack Festival 2020"
  • 18.11.2020"Bellydance Vogue" will be screened in "Flatpack Festival 2020" / Birmingham (UK)
  • 15.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "InShadow Lisbon Screendance 2020" / Lisbon (Portugal)
  • 14.11.2020"Bellydance Vogue" will be screened in "FilmFest by Rogue Dancer 2020" / Raleigh (USA)
  • 14.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "Fashion Film Festival Istanbul 2020" / Istanbul (Turkey)
  • 07.11.2020"Bellydance Vogue" will be screened in "Short To The Point 2020" / Bucharest (Romania)
  • 06.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 2020" / Bucharest (Romania)
  • 05.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "Andromeda Film Festival 2020" / Istanbul (Turkey)
  • 03.11.2020"Ophelia" will be screened in "Prague International Monthly Film Festival 2020" / Prague (Czech Republic)
  • 01.11.2020"Bowl Of Cherries" will be screened in "Vertifilms Prague 2020" / Prague (Czech Republic)